Friday, July 30, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

Well today's appointment was eventful. My lining was supposed to be >8mm to be cleared for the transfer. My lining was..... 4mm. 4mm! Seriously? I wasn't even close! Not only that but she checked my ovaries to make sure I didn't have any follicles trying to ovulate. Can you guess what she found??? A follicle on the RIGHT side. So my body is trying ovulate on the right side this month! Are you kidding me?? Unbelievable! That actually is good news though. They doubled up my estrogen but still say it will take at least a week for my lining to get thick enough and in that time I hopefully won't ovulate. BUT if I do ovulate, at least it will be on the right side! So even if I can't do the transfer I'll have a chance at pregnancy. I call that a win!

Next appt: Aug 11th at 7:30am

*For my new readers or readers who may have forgotten: I only have a tube on the right side but always ovulate on the left side. Hence the IVF.


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