Monday, July 26, 2010

Body Attack

First I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers about my HSG. It went well and didn't hurt nearly as bad as last time! Next specific prayer for my Prayer Warriors (your new nickname) is a thick lining on Friday. If it's thick and triple layer then I'll definitely transfer 8/5!

Now on to the title of this post... Body Attack! I've been trying to eat right and exercise to keep my body in top form. Today I went with a coworker to a Body Attack class at the YMCA. I mentioned that I've been working out during lunch but that usually only entails about 15 min of low impact cardio and 5-10 min of weight lifting. Body Attack was 55 straight minutes of jumping, running, tightening and crunching! I thought I was going to die!! When I told my sister I took the class she said, "You don't just decide to go to Body Attack! You're supposed to work up to it!" Well there's nothing like diving into the deep end! Now that my whole body has been tortured I'm hitting the showers and off to bed! Maybe I'll be able to move in the morning. Fingers crossed!



  1. JZ, I thought about you all day yesterday! So glad HSG didn't hurt as bad! Praying for this transfer and for these snowbabies! Love you!

  2. Well been anxiously awaiting a post but now wondering if you can move. Thinking that the Body Attack may have put you down for the count. Let me know!


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