Monday, July 12, 2010


First, let me address my dear friends who are desperately trying to remember if they said any of the things I've mentioned in my last few posts. The truth is I don't really remember. Because even if you did, it didn't upset me. My TRUE friends can say anything because I know it is coming from a good place. The problem is with new people and acquaintances. The women at baby showers particularly! I do not blame these women though. It's only normal to ask the new ladies you meet if they want children. It's the easiest way to strike up a conversation. That's why we Infertiles dislike baby showers so much. It's not because we don't like talking and thinking about babies. We can be happy for other women and their miracles. We just have to endure countless questions and awkward conversations.

Second, I have a picture of my Nana from Saturday. Can you believe this lovely lady is 85?

Last but not least... I got to baby sit Emma tonight! We had a great time chasing Lexi and giving kisses to each other. Happy Anniversary to Josh and Jess! They've been together 7 years today!


1 comment:

  1. Nana sure ages well! She def does not look 85!

    I get to see you in a few weeks! I'm so excited! I love you!


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