Thursday, July 22, 2010

Firm Retreat

My office had a firm retreat today. We all met at our CEO's lake house for some team building. His house was GORGEOUS! I could only dream of such a nice main house but this was his LAKE house! Crazy! The retreat was a great way to get to know people better and show off our competitive spirits. We had a catapult making contest and my team came in next to last. Those who know me know that this did NOT sit well with me. But I was a good sport. It was about 6,482 degrees outside so most of the people (including myself) didn't stick around after the competition to fish. I was sweating through my shirt after only being out there 30 minutes for the contest! He's also throwing a firm lake party on Aug 14th so the hunt is on to find a one piece swim suit. Any suggestions?

I'll finish off my fun day with the Supper Club girls at Heather's tonight. I can't wait to try some new recipes!

Fertility News: I received my FET calendar in the mail today! It shows a transfer date of Aug 5th so that's the day unless something bad happens at my appt next Friday... I also wanted to explain something about the snowbabies. There's about a 60-70 % chance that they'll both survive the thawing process. So there is a very real risk that one or both of the snowbabies may not survive. That will dictate how many I can transfer.
I told the three women I feel closest to in my office about the IVF. I've never been secretive about it but I don't want it to define me either. Well during lunch today one of them outed me in front of our whole table (about 5 other girls.) I couldn't believe it! She didn't know that I'm cool with talking about my struggles. For all she knew I could have been super emotional and started crying on the spot! But she is also the one who offered the "helpful" suggestion that I hold a baby for 48 straight hours. You know, because David Bowie's wife did it and it worked for her... problem solved.

Side note: I just noticed that the numbers I used for the degrees above (6,482) are all even numbers. My obsession with even numbers continues!



  1. I'll be praying for those little snow babies!

  2. Macy's or Target for the swim suit...

    I'm praying to the snow babes!

    Did someone REALLY suggest holding a baby for 48 straight hours????? Really?????!

  3. Everything But Water has a ton of swimsuits so I'm sure you can find one there. Can't wait for August 5!

  4. August 5th!!! How exciting. I am sorry about your experience with your co-worker. She needs to read your education piece on "Advice Infertiles do not want". Really holding a baby for 48 hours - what a quack!! HA!!! Hope you and John are able to stop by on Saturday night.


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