Sunday, July 25, 2010

Greek Wedding

I finally experienced my first Greek wedding this weekend! The singing, the chanting, the crowns, the dancing... it was all fascinating! The food was some of the best wedding food I've ever eaten! The rehearsal dinner and reception were catered by The Fish Market which is owned by a local Greek family. I told John we need to have a Greek wedding for our 10 year anniversary! To our Greek family: John and I said a couple of vows while in the church so we are sort of married until our 10 Year Shindig! We're pretty pooped after partying for two nights in a row but it was definitely a fun weekend!

Today we're grilling out steak and veggies and going to see a movie. It's a date day!

Fertility News: I received a call from the IVF nurse Friday saying that I need to have another HSG before the transfer. This is an outpatient procedure that flushes dye through the uterus and tubes. I've already had it done twice but not since the infection. She's nervous that there might be some infection fluid trapped in my tube which would be lethal to the embryos. This is the most painful procedure in all of my three years of trying but I'll do everything I can for these babies. I'm scheduled to be at Brookwood Hospital tomorrow morning at 7:15am.


1 comment:

  1. The things we do for our future babies. :)
    They BETTER be appreciative some day!

    I have never been to a Greek wedding. That must have been so much fun!



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