Wednesday, July 14, 2010

PCB or Bust!

The waiting is ALMOST over. I had my u/s and bloodwork done bright and early this morning. The u/s went well but the I wish I could say the same for the blood. SIX STICKS!! SIX!! The first lady stuck and dug twice. She then brought in a second lady who stuck and dug twice. The second lady made me drink a bottle of water before the third lady came in to try. The third lady blew a vein in my hand but then finally got a vein in my forearm! TERRIBLE! I won't get the results from the bloodwork until Monday or Tuesday. We're hoping and praying for a negative CA-125 result. If so, I'll start estrogen and hopefully transfer at the end of the month. Exciting!

You know what else is exciting?!? Another 4 day weekend!! John and I are leaving at 6 am tomorrow heading to Panama City Beach! I can't wait to sit out on the oceanfront balcony with my hubs! We're going down primarily for Tristan's softball tournament that started Monday. Their team has been doing well so far but they did lose a game today. If they lose another game they're out so I don't know how much softball we'll be seeing. I'm sure we'll find something else to occupy our time.


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