Thursday, August 26, 2010


That's infertility code for 2 days past 5 day transfer. Today the babies are producing an enzyme to get them ready to implant. They should start trying to attach sometime between tonight and tomorrow night. They say frozen embryos can sometimes take a little longer so it may even be Saturday before they start the attaching process. After they attach they will start to dig in which is called implantation. Please pray these babies are strong and equipped with mini shovels for digging!

Update on John - We can't forget the Daddy! He's so sweet! He puts his mouth to my belly and urges them to do whatever it is they're supposed to do that day. This morning as I was leaving he kissed my belly and whispered "produce those enzymes babies!"

Several people have asked what to call the embies now since they're not really snowbabies anymore. I've been calling them totsicles because I call Lexi the pupsicle all the time. But you guys can call them whatever your heart desires.

Last but certainly not least an update on Tristan - She is in volleyball now and loving it. She's a starter which is no surprise to all who know her! She's such an athlete! Last night they won the game with her winning serve! Go Tristan!!



  1. So glad things are going well. Just relax and patiently wait! Grrrr that sounds so easy to other people. Patiently wait 9 more days. Then patiently wait 38 more weeks! Positive thinking ALWAYS!

    The little ones must be super strong since they survived the thawing process in such great condition. I know they are enjoying floating around in the jacuzzi womb which must be soooooo much better than the artic freezer. So my thought is they are so happy where they are that they will surely cooperate and bed down for a long stay.

    That salad looked awesome. Go ahead and roll your eyes now... Wish there was a salad like that at McDonalds or other fast food joint. I would have already left for one.

    Congrats to Tristan. I can't believe how much they are changing at the age that they are now. They grow up sooo fast.

    Also pass along a special message to John that we are saying special prayers for him too because most people don't realize how stressful it is on the hubbies who are trying to keep it all together while most of the time not sharing their own feelings. Men usually feel in control of most things and there just any way to control this process.

    Love to the whole family!

  2. Sweet husband. :) I can tell he is right there with you within this whole process and that's amazing. I like the fact that you call them totsicles, I think it is super cute!


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