Friday, August 27, 2010


It's 3 days after the transfer and I'm feeling pretty good. I added the Lovenox shots 2 days ago and I forgot how painful they are. I was doing them myself in the belly but John's going to have to start doing them.
Yesterday was a pretty stressful day because one of the injection sites started swelling and turned bright red. I called the nurse and she wanted me to come in ASAP so that if it was an infection they could treat me quickly before I start producing antibodies. Antibodies will try to attack the implanting embryos so we don't want an abundance of them floating around. So I was nervous and a bit stressed for a good bit of the day. But the nurse that it looked like the skin was just irritated and everything is fine. Thank goodness!

This is what the totsicles look like right now hopefully! Snuggling into the lining.

Mom and Dad Z are back from their vacation to Greece! I'm so thankful they had a safe trip. Mom Z said that she stopped in a lot of monasteries and put my name on the prayer list. So Greece is on board! It's amazing that the totsicles are being prayed for internationally!

I've decided to take a test on Labor Day. Won't that be neat to find out I'm pregnant on Labor Day?

Countdown.... 10 days!



  1. not to encourage early testing, but since you didn't do the trigger, you can do it early. In our frozen cycle, I got a faint positive 7 days after transfer and confirmed via blood test at 8 dpt. Good Luck, thinking of you!

  2. That's so cool that you have people praying for you internationally! That must feel amazing. If I were you, I would test early at home...I don't think I could wait. But, I suppose it would mess with your mind, because of the high rates of false responses.

  3. It is so amazing that a baby forms from such a tiny tiny embryo. God's creation is amazing!! Sounds like you have a great hubby taking good care of you and the totcicles. Have a great weekend and it was great talking to you yesterday.

  4. Yes it will because that's my birthday!!!!!


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