Tuesday, August 31, 2010

7dp5dt - Bye Bye PIO

I still haven't tested!! I don't think I've ever made it this late without testing. I wanted to this morning but the hubs talked me out of it. I have my moments of ups and downs but I'm trying to hang in there. I started spotting yesterday and felt for sure that mother nature was on her way. She hasn't shown yet so maybe we're not out of the running yet.

John made me call the nurse yesterday due to my nasty bruise and my cramps and spotting. She said I could stop the PIO shots and do the vaginal progesterone cream. I normally would not be excited to have to put something in my girlie parts twice a day but I am SO thankful to be done with those terrible shots. John is very upset about it and wants me to still take them. He said they're the best for the babies and I should tough it out. How about I give him one of them and see how he feels!!! He's not the one limping around and flinching every time he sits down!

2 days until beta!!



  1. Oh Jaime, I pray that the spotting is just your babies dig, dig, digging! Go babies, go!

  2. I started spotting the day we had our Beta test and it still worked out for us. I will keep praying for you and John.

  3. We’re thinking of you Jaime, big hug xo

  4. Oh my gosh, I don't think I would have this much patience! I guess in some ways it's better not knowing...holding on to hope...having anticipation. Praying for you and babies.



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