Monday, August 2, 2010

Dye Job - Round 2

This weekend I finally lost my virginity... hair virginity that is. I bet you were thinking, "no wonder she can't get pregnant." No, no. I'm talking hair people. A few months ago I tried to dye my hair darker but it didn't work. So I don't think that one counts. But this weekend I used a permanent dye and it did work! Nothing too drastic... just a shade or two darker. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

Also, this weekend we bought a new sofa! The other one we had wasn't large enough. Our neighbor came over to help John move it. While that was happening I was talking to the wife and it somehow came up that I would be eating cereal for dinner. I do this quite often and don't think anything about it. It must have really bothered her though because when I got home today there was a lasagna in my fridge. She said she made way too much and wanted us to have it. It was quite tasty too! I guess I should start cooking more often so she won't think we're so deprived.

Fertility News: My appt is now for Tuesday, Aug 10th. (My mom's B'day!) Hopefully I can give her some good news.



  1. That was really sweet of your friend. I should start doing more random acts of kindness like that. You know? It feels so good when others do it for you. You are blessed!

  2. How did this person get into your house to put it in your fridge? Do you just give everybody a key now? If so, I am requesting one because I feel left out!


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