Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Waiting...

My lining was 7mm this morning but it needs to be at least 8mm. So I'm scheduled for another u/s on 8/18 to see if I'm ready. I'm so frustrated!

Also, I got hit with some very bad news while I was there. My company switched insurance from BCBS to Viva. It didn't cover a dime! I had to pay $300 today! And I'll have to pay even more next time if I'm ready b/c they'll do bloodwork too! I think the culmination of my resistant body, my terrible insurance and the hormones did me in this morning. I started crying as soon as I left the doctor's office and haven't stopped. It's a good thing people can only see my back when they walk by my desk. I'm just so tired of this... CRAP! (I really want to use another word but will refrain.) Please say another prayer that my next appt will go better because I don't think I can take this again!

See below for my post earlier today about my Mom.


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  1. JZ, that sucks about your insurance! I'm sorry! Praying for thicker lining next week! I love you!!!


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