Thursday, September 2, 2010


First let me thank Julie for updating you guys so you didn't have to wait until 6pm to get the results. However, she painted a much rosier picture than I would have painted.

Here's the story:
While I was getting my blood drawn I asked the nurse what an "acceptable" beta would be. She said... "Anything above 5 is pregnant but between 5 and 20 is not very good and may indicate a chemical pregnancy." I just knew my number was going to be below 20 so I was pretty down. Then she said, "They want to see above 50." So I asked what happens if it's between 20 and 50. She said that it could be fine but they're still cautious.

I left the office scared, nervous and feeling pretty down about my chances. God didn't give up on me though. I got a call from the IVF nurse and she said my beta was 38.5. I had this sequence of emotions in about 1 second... relieved, thrilled, shock, wait a minute that's not 50, nervousness, fear. I told her I couldn't wait until Thursday, which is when she wanted me to come back, so we settled on Tuesday. I asked her if she was disappointed by my number and she said it was fine and not to worry. Hmmmm. Fine. I don't like Fine. I wanted to hear Great, Fabulous, Wonderful but I got Fine. But fine is better than not fine.

I called John and he was happy but not quite as excited as I wanted him to be. I can understand though. We've been here twice before. Our two previous pregnancies=no babies. I think that's why I'm remaining so guarded right now too. I am thrilled but cautious.

So that's the real story. I can't remove the asterisk from pregnant yet but hopefully I will be able to Tuesday.

Thank you guys so much for all of the prayers! I can't believe the overwhelming love and support that has flooded me over the past few days! I praise the Lord for our good news today and I praise Him for all of you!



  1. You just take care of yourself and know that your friends have faith and are believing and praying continuously and earnestly. Even women who have never met you are praying for and thinking about you and your babies. oh, and my husband too. =)

  2. Waiting, waiting, waiting, more waiting. Life is a series of moments that seem to require a lot of waiting! Hoping you have patience over this Labor Day weekend. Take care of yourself.


  3. keeping my fingers crossed for you for a great beta on tuesday! this might make you feel better - my RE won't do a beta for a FET until at least 12dp5dt so i would expect a lower beta on 9dp. my beta at 12dp last time was about 120-something. hang in there! i know how hard it is! and thanks for your comment on my blog! i hope i'm right behind you!

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