Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Softball Pics

Tristan had her first softball tournament with her new team this weekend. They came in 1st place so we're really excited about the new team this year! Here are a few pics...
A couple of people have asked about our appt with Dr. H that was supposed to be yesterday. Sorry! I forgot to inform you that we moved it to Oct 12th because John had to come home to check on Bella at lunch. That also gives us a little more time to think about what we should ask her.

Speaking of Bella... John was pretty sad last night but he's doing much better today. He got an email from Bella's new mom and she said that she did really well last night. Today they took her for a long walk around the neighborhood, took her to Lowe's and just plain adored her all day. She's in a wonderful home!


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