Saturday, September 4, 2010

Step Away From Google

I made the mistake of googling low betas and found that 90% end in either miscarriage or a chemical pregnancy. hmmmm. That's not very comforting. MOST betas I found at 9dp5dt were around 100. YIKES! There are the few success stories that I'm holding on to but the overwhelming majority of information is not good.

The beta should double about every 48 hours. That means today it should be around 80, on Monday it should be around 160 and Tuesday it should be around 240. I bought another test this morning and John and I decided we will take one Monday. If the line is pretty dark then we'll celebrate. If the line is light or not there then we'll know it was a chemical pregnancy and we can mourn together. We don't want to find out bad news in the middle of a work day; alone. So that's the plan and, of course, I'll let you know the results Monday morning.

On to something that I know for sure is good: Alabama Football! Our season starts tonight and we are pumped about it. We're going to watch the game on a projection screen in our neighbors' back yard. It's going to be an Alabama block party! How fun! I'm making some guacamole and brownies... yum! Roll Tide!


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