Sunday, October 3, 2010

Alabama Football and Ribs

Does anything get better than a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Alabama football, and ribs? Alabama rolled over Florida last night 31 to 6! Roll Tide!! The Hubs has been talking about making ribs pretty much since the day we met. It has been a running joke in the Z household because he will drag me to several different stores, salivating over the ribs, but then we leave empty handed. He was too intimidated to try to make them... until yesterday! He FINALLY decided he would give them a shot and boy were they worth the wait!

Tristan also had her final volleyball tournament yesterday. The team didn't do so well but she had a heck of a day. Here are some pictures:

She's on the left holding hands with her teammate. After the serve they switch sides.

Tristan serving. She is one of the best servers.

John was being a fabulous Dad by volunteering as line judge. I hope Tristan realizes how lucky she is to have such an involved father.

I think she does!!! Isn't this a sweet picture of her cuddling her daddy between games. Funny story: John went to sit beside her just to embarrass her. He was playing with her hair and hugging her. Then one of her friends said, "What are you complaining about? At least your dad is cool! My dad is bald!!" That made John's day! And I think Tristan realized how cool her dad is.

As you can see, the pictures still didn't turn out the greatest. Since I was the photographer this time I'm blaming the camera. We've already decided that we'll be out bright and early the day after Thanksgiving to get a new, fancy camera. We've been talking about getting a really nice camera since we got married but we kept putting it off until we had a baby. Well.... I'm tired of putting things off waiting for a baby. It makes me feel like my life is perpetually on hold for a baby that may never happen. No more of that... we're living our lives! Don't get me wrong, we're still hoping and praying for a child. We're just not going to put so much pressure on ourselves by revolving our lives around it.


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