Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

The appt with Dr. H went fairly well today. There wasn't a whole lot to say... which I expected. She recommended that we try to get pregnant with my right tube instead of another IVF. So she wants me to have a laparoscopic surgery to look at the right tube, remove any endometriosis that may have developed and finish removing the septum in my uterus. This last one upsets me because she has already removed my septum and must not have gotten it all. I understand that last time she went in vaginally which is really hard to tell if you get it all. This time she'll be cutting my belly button. Ouch!

She said we can forgo the surgery and go straight into a few injectable cycles. It's up to us. She just doesn't want us to be upset if 3 or 4 cycles don't work, we have to do the surgery and we realize that was the problem. So I guess we're leaning toward the surgery first. We're not doing anything right away though. I'll have to get on John's insurance since mine doesn't pay a dime of any of this. His insurance will activate in January so we're going to take it easy until the beginning of the year. I'm sure I need a little more time to heal anyway.

Now for the bad news... the reason she doesn't recommend another IVF. She said I obviously have an egg quality issue. Two viable embryos for an IVF cycle is not good. To recap I had 10 eggs retrieved, only 5 were mature, 4 fertilized and only two were good enough to transfer. She said it was good news that one or both tried to implant but not good news that they arrested. So she also wants to order some more blood work... Yay me!

So that's about it. Some good news... some bad news... some inconclusive news... about what I expected. I am glad to have a plan though. Next year we start again. Not another IVF but maybe a surgery and a few injectable cycles.


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  1. what about lots of DHEA or something to help with your egg quality? i think IVF could still help. perhaps you can get a 2nd opinion? of course, i hope surgery and injects do the trick! i wouldn't wish IVF on anyone.

    good news about more tests. i am so glad i basically just completed every workup known to man. at least now i know.

    good luck! i'll be following along!


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