Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girls' Weekend

We had so much fun on our trip to Atlanta! We ate some great food, did some shopping, danced around a pole, and made some wonderful memories. The "danced around a pole" part was pretty interesting. All of the girls had a great attitude and really had fun with it but I don't see any of us making a career change! haha. I also have a new appreciation for the physical strength of the professionals. My ENTIRE body hurts! I am so ridiculously sore from head to toe!

Unfortunately, I forgot the battery to my camera so I don't have any pictures. Thank goodness Jess was the responsible one and came prepared. I'll post some pictures as soon as she gets them to me.



  1. I'm pretty sure this post is telling me to get you pictures ASAP...I looked at those pictures last night and some of those are never seeing a public posting site!

  2. Don't delete the ones you don't post. I want to see! :) Love you!


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