Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hodge Podge

Warning: This is going to be a hodge podge post. I have quite a few things I've been wanting to say but haven't found the right time so.... today's the day.

First I want to give credit where credit is due:
Agave Grill (Hoover, AL) - I met a few of the Supper Club girls for dinner Tuesday night at Agave. If you haven't been there they have the best Table Side Guacamole! It is delicious! They bring out two avocados and all of the fixins and then make it right in front of you. You KNOW it's fresh! It is the best guacamole in town. I liked everything I tried except the mango margarita. Stick with the classic top shelf!
Sapphire Nails (Also Hoover, AL) - A while ago I mentioned that I have had terrible luck with pedicures in Birmingham. I finally found someone who was awesome! That says A LOT coming from me! Not only that but the place itself is very spa like and relaxing. You better believe I asked for her name - Nina.

Work news:
I had lunch with my immediate boss and one of the partners today... The Head Hancho, The Top Dog, The Big Kahuna... you get the point. He wanted to make sure I was happy which made me feel pretty darn good. He was quite complimentary too, which is always nice to hear from the man in charge. He also told us some pretty remarkable stories. One about how he played a key role in helping one of his clients find Jesus the day before he died. Literally, the man died the next day!

Finally I would like to end with my weekend plans! Jess, LL, Rhonda and I are headed to Atlanta for Gloria's bachelorette party this weekend. We are so excited for this little girls' trip! We'll arrive late tomorrow night, then have a pole dancing class on Saturday and party it up Saturday night. Sounds fun!! I just hope the Hubs isn't pining away at home for me... Don't worry! He'll have lots of softball and soccer to keep him busy.

One more thing: Tristan came over last night for a little while! This is a major step for her! John has been giving her some space and not making her come over on his weekends so she hasn't been here in months. I really hope this is the beginning of her spending a little more time with her dear ole' dad!

Isn't it amazing that I post almost every day but there's still so much I don't have time to say?? I'm glad I got to catch you up in this hodge podge post! I'll be back Sunday with lots of pictures and stories! Have a great weekend and ROLL TIDE!!



  1. I want to try Agave! That sounds great!! Have a great weekend!

  2. I see you in T minus 9 hours-ish...Can't wait. As for work, I really feel like you are in the right place. That had to be an incredible story!!


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