Monday, October 25, 2010

It's Only $1,000 Worth of Electronics

That is what Heather said as she not-so-gracefully knocked over the table that was holding her TV, two cameras and two phones. Some how they all survived the fall. That was one of many memorable moments from Heather's party Saturday night. Here are a few pictures depicting the fun that was had by all:The girls getting pumped up for some Alabama football!

Stacey, Heather and Kelli dancing and singing while Alabama was rolling over Tennessee!

The girls trying to fix the TV that Heather knocked over.

Stacey and I are the undisputed champions of pong!

I'm not sure what got Heather so tickled here but it was apparently side splitting!

Stacey made a tasty champagne drink to toast the Tide's victory. I love how Kelly is hamming it up in the background.

The festive and delicious strawberries that Kelli made.

I'm so glad I have these girls in my life. They are so much fun and always keep me amused. My mom and I recently had a conversation about how happy she is that I have so many great girlfriends. I concur.

John and Tristan had a good time this weekend too. They won four out of her five softball games! And they barely lost that one. Go Tristan! Then the Hubs won his soccer game last night. The Z household had a pretty good weekend! Hope you did too!


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