Sunday, October 24, 2010

Girls, Girls, Girls

Jess came through with the pictures so here are some pole dancing pics for your enjoyment...

A group photo in the lobby before going to class. Gloria's sister made us all matching tank tops that said "G-Crew". They are too cute!

A group photo in the class room.

This is about the only thing I could master. Walking around the pole!

The bachelorette showing her skills! We made her wear some lacy panties over her shorts. She was such a good sport!

So I had two fun "girls weekends" in a row. I had so much fun with G-slo (aka Gloria) and all of my girls last weekend and this weekend was a slumber party for Heather's birthday. I have some GREAT pictures from last night so I'll try to post them tomorrow. Anticipation...


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