Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bowling Night

I haven't shared much about my new job so last night's Bowling Night gives me the perfect opportunity. It's a "young" company which I really like. The head partner is only 38 and the other partner is younger than I am. That is CRAZY to me. I always feel so much younger than everybody. Does that mean I'm immature??? I hope not! I guess maybe I'm just young at heart. Yeah.... that's what it is...

This first picture has the scores of our first match. As you can see, Bill stomped us all! 194-Really? I almost broke 100 which would have been a big deal for me. 96 was so close.

This is a picture of Bill and his wife and daughter. Coincidentally, Bill is the father of Tristan's best friend. Small world. When I was interviewing for the job I was surprised to see him walk through the door as one of the interviewers.

Here's one of the mediocre bowling couple.

And this one is to show my great form!
It was a lot of fun and John got to finally put some faces with some names.

Tristan left last night to go on a weekend church retreat. She was very excited but nervous because they didn't allow electronics on the trip. So we won't hear from her until Sunday! We hope she has a great time.


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  1. I'd bet no one broke out into a dance or no man arm made an appearance but I'm sure it was fun none the less! :) Love you!


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