Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving holiday started out beautifully with a trip to Fleming's last night. I had the seared scallops and the Hubs got the filet mignon. I tried to sneak out my camera and take a picture of his ecstasy filled face as the steak melted like butter in his mouth... but he assured me it would be inappropriate to snap a photo in such a classy establishment. So you'll just have to take my word that it was DELICIOUS! As heavenly as the dinner was, if I'm going to spend $100+ on something I would rather it be clothes (or boots) than food, but I suppose we can splurge once a year on a fancy restaurant.

Today we're off to my Aunt Pam's house for a large family meal and then tomorrow is the biggest Iron Bowl I can remember. And guess what.... I have a ticket! My fabulous friend, Heather, invited me to go with her! Roll Tide! I will post pictures of all of this later in the weekend.

I have so much to be thankful for this year. SO MUCH! I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful stepdaughter, a great family and extended family, a darling goddaughter, fabulous friends, the sweetest puppy in the world, we're financially stable in these tough times, we both have great jobs, we're both healthy, we live in a free country where I can express all of my thoughts and fears without fear of persecution, the list goes on and on... But still my heart is a little heavy for the child that should have been born two years ago this month. Our little girl. Please give your babies an extra hug and remember us and the other families who have suffered a loss in your prayers this holiday season. I'll also be remembering the troops (and their families) who are still away from home so that we can celebrate this holiday in freedom.

John and I hope you have a safe and



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