Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was inspired this weekend by a 12 year old girl. The team that Tristan played in the finals had a catcher named TAZ too. How odd is that? And dare I say that she was as good as our little TAZ! She could throw the ball down to 2nd base with pinpoint accuracy... while on her knees! The 2nd base girl would stick her glove out and the ball came right to it! It was amazing! She also hit the ball to the fence both times she was up to bat. She was so good!

Now for the inspiring part: She had an artificial leg! I didn't even know until I noticed she had a different kind of squat behind the plate. When I realized why she was squatting that way and walking with a limp I was so inspired. Missing a limb didn't keep her from going after her dream. And not only did she get on the team, she was in one of the most challenging positions. And they didn't just let her on the team to boost her morale... no. no. She was GOOD! She proved to everyone that you CAN do anything you want with hard work and dedication.


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