Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I still have a lot of unanswered questions...

Can I not keep a pregnancy because of an egg issue? Or is it because my body attacks the embryo? If John and I used a surrogate would it work? If we used donor embryos would I be able to keep the pregnancy? Or is the problem me and my eggs so I would need a surrogate AND donor embryos? It's too much to comprehend right now. However, I know my time is running out. My clock is ticking so loudly that it's all can hear sometimes.

My doctor doesn't really have an answer for any of the questions. I think she's leaning toward my issue being an egg quality problem. But she doesn't know for sure that if we got donor eggs that I would be able to carry a child. It would be more trial and error.

For now John and I have decided that I will have the recommended surgery in January and try a few more injectable cycles. If those fail... we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

Now for something that won't bum you out:
My Favorite 100 Calorie Snack!
++ =YUM!
8 Reduced Fat Wheat Thins
1 Laughing Cow French Onion Wedge
10 Grapes



  1. And one blueberry and I'm stuffed!!
    I love you! Continuing the prayers!

  2. I thought the same comment as Leah!! haha Love you!


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