Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Special Visit

Jessica and Emma came by to see us today. John was playing soccer so he missed them but Lexi and I had a great time with them. Look at these sweet pictures she brought me....

The Hubs and I spent most of the day cleaning the house. We're throwing a Couple's Dinner for Gloria on Friday. I do love to entertain but John's obsession with the removal of shoes makes it difficult to have more than a few people over. I've already braced him for the fact that about 15 people will be walking around the house with shoes on so hopefully he'll be okay. It's not like our carpet is new or even super clean for that matter. AND we only have one room on the main level that has carpet. I think he'll live through it. My friend, Heather, is coming over to help me decorate. She is FABULOUS at that kind of stuff so I'm excited she's willing to help.

Now for the traumatic news of the weekend... Alabama lost on Saturday. So sad. Our boys did well but not as well as LSU. John and I are going to next weekend's game against Mississippi State so I hope they shake off the loss and are ready to play.



  1. We had fun and I'm glad Emma is getting over her fear of Lexi. :)

  2. That is just too funny to me about John and the no shoe policy HA!! Is there a medicine you can give him for the anxiety that night HA!! Just kidding :)


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