Thursday, December 30, 2010


Happy Birthday to the most precious Goddaughter ever!! We love you Emma!

And now it's time for a Bella update!

It’s hard to believe that this:

has now turned into this...
A sweet, beautiful, thriving doggie. Here’s a little note from her new parents:

Thank you so much for your and John's choice of us as her new parents. She is really getting plump. I guess we'll have to adjust down some on her food (after Christmas)!! She is extraordinarily healthy though. She sleeps on a pillow now between us. (Our idea not hers. She was content to stay in the crate, but we felt bad for her to be away from in she came). Usually, about 9:30 PM she starts a staring routine to let us know it's time to go to bed. We absolutely can't figure out how we did without her.

Thank you again. You two gave us the very best early Christmas present ever.

Although we only had her 4 days, I was so upset when we had to give her away. It makes it so much easier to know she's being loved!


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