Friday, December 3, 2010

Everything I’ve Got

This is it... I feel the end approaching. Therefore, I’m giving it all I’ve got in 2011! I’m going to have the surgery; I’m going to eat healthy and workout; I’m going to take the special vitamins and DHEA; I’ll drink room temperature liquids so my uterus isn’t “cold”; I'm praying, meditating and thinking happy thoughts; I’ll take the hormone shots; I’ll cut back on alcohol, dairy and sugars; I may even try acupuncture! Heck I may even try another IVF if the opportunity arises. If you’ve heard of some special mineral, herb or tonic that will get me pregnant then bring it! I’m taking suggestions! This is it! If this year doesn’t produce a baby then we’re moving on to foster care or adoption or something that involves a child in my house. John has mentioned hanging out at high schools to ask pregnant teenagers if we can have the baby. :o) Maybe we’ll place an ad in the penny saver a la Juno style. The sky is the limit!!! With the exception of more treatment. We’re done with treatment after 2011.

A lot of people have told me that once I give up I’ll get pregnant. However, when I give up I have to go back on birth control pills to ease the endometriosis and adenomyosis. So it’s not going to happen. When we give up... it’s over. The dream of a biological child is gone. So I hope you’ll support us in 2011 with prayers and encouragement AND support us with even more prayers and more encouragement if the time comes to let go of the dream.



  1. JZ - This is Deon from the soulcysters website. I've been following your blog since one of the last times you posted on the site. I've kind of been on a similar journey as you with TTC since 2007. I recently failed my FET in October after three months of Lupron treatment and even adding some heparin as well. GRRRR! My husband and I are kind of in the same place that you are with treatment. This next one is going to be our last hoorah and then we are off to probably do adoption. We are actually going to be doing something special with this next IVF cycle. My sister has volunteered to be a surrogate for me and we are also going to be transferring three embryo's in me. I'm very excited about this up coming cycle and feel this could be the one for us. I really hope that this next surgery goes great for you and you are able to become pregnant in 2011!!! You sound a lot like me in regards to the treatment and things to help supplement the treatment. I'm going to be throwing everything in the bag! With trying to eat healthy, take certain vitamins, acupuncture (which I really have to start believing in), taking off for the whole time including the two week wait to relax as much as possible. I'm excited for both of us though because I feel we are getting closer and closer to the family we are supposed to have! Good luck with everything!

  2. GO GO GO!!! 2011 is your year!! Definitely try the acupuncture - if nothing else, it is SUPREMELY relaxing - and that can't be a bad thing! Praying for you!

  3. You have my full support, prayer and love. Whether the child ends up biological or adopted, I can't wait!!

  4. I just thought I'd throw out one more thing you can try. 3 cycles before I got pregnant, I started going to the chiropractor because someone told me that could help with infertility. Out of desperation, I went, and I got pregnant. Who knows if that had anything to do with it or not, but I was pregnant and that's all that mattered! I've suggested it to 3 friends who were going through infertility, and within a couple cycles, they all got pregnant too. It may be worth trying?!?! My fingers are crossed for you!

  5. My chiropractor is Dr. Jenni Goodson with Goodson Health and Wellness. She's located in the Greystone Cosmetic Center off of Hugh Daniel Road. Her phone number is 981-8090. One of my friends who went to her had severe endometriosis, and she's pregnant now. I highly, highly, highly recommend you try her. Dr. Honea doesn't believe this had anything to do with me getting pregnant, but I truly think it did. Like I said, I have 3 friends who went to her and got pregnant after they'd been trying for months/years, and I know of a couple others too. If we have trouble getting pregnant again, I will try her before going back to fertility doctors. I went during my entire pregnancy too; in fact, I'm still going now just because I like her so much!

  6. You have all the love, prayers, and support from me also! I love you! And I can NOT wait to see what God has in store for you guys!


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