Thursday, December 2, 2010


Warning - Rant Alert - Scroll down to the picture if you're short on time!

I had my review at my new job today. I understand that they're necessary but I really DO NOT like them. Actually the part that I dislike the most is assigning a number value to my capabilities. A little background about me: You all know that I'm a number person. I graduated college summa cum laude so I was an all A's type of student. I mean if you're going to do something then do it right is my motto. So anything below an A is devastating. With reviews they typically assign you a number value that gives you room to grow; but I want to start at an A and work hard to keep it.

Moving on to my review... The discussion part of my review was great! She told me I was motivated, organized, respected, and a hard worker. She said that all of the managers feel they can come to me if they need to get a job done and get it done correctly. This all sounds good right?? Well the number did not agree. 3.4 out of 5. 3.4! If you put that on a 100 point scale it's only a 68! So my best work has a numerical value of 68 to my manager? But that doesn't make any sense because she was raving about my performance! I guess I should mention that a 3 means "meets expectations" so a 3 is supposed to be good. A 4 is "exceeds expectations" so my 3.4 means that I meet or exceed all expectations... But it's not a 5 "consistently exceeds expectations". This is going to haunt me. I don't get 68s. One specific skill was "Takes responsibility for mistakes." Her exact words were, "Well you rarely ever make a mistake but when you do you always own it." But then she gave me a 3! There is no possible way that I can improve so wouldn't you think I should get a 5? I am obsessing way too much about this but it's maddening! Maybe I should just ask the COO if my review next year can be without numbers!

On to something that doesn't stress me out:

We got a new kitchen table. It looks so much better than the other one.



  1. Those reviews make me crazy too! They assign points to our reviews as well. The top number you can get is a 300. Anything between a 275 and 300 is an "exceptional performer." On my last review, I ended up with a 270! I am convinced that I ended up with something higher and my boss lowered some of my numbers so that I wouldn't end up in the exceptional range....where I deserve! It is ridiculous! I've been told that some managers rank their employees lower than they should so that they don't start slacking....but instead keep working hard to get a better score. If you feel like you are doing your best, I wouldn't worry about it.

  2. You're a 5 to me!! Love the new table...very swanky. :)


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