Monday, December 13, 2010

So Much

I have quite a few posts with the material that has happened over the past few days. I planned to sit down last night after I got home form Austin and post lots of pictures of the beautiful bride, but that didn't happen. I was so tired!!! Who Knew hanging with 6 girls would be so tiring?!

So I have all of that I need to post.... but something else exciting happened as I got back into Bama... it was snowing! Winter's first snow in the South! None of it stuck of course but that's about all we get around here. It is wickedly cold so I wish it had snowed a bit harder. I'm sure some of it would have stuck. AND yes Canadians... it's cold! Really cold! to the tune of -8 degrees Celsius tonight! That is a NEGATIVE sign in front of that 8! COLD!

I was going to post some pictures tonight and clean my house but I received an unexpected phone call this morning. (BTW - My phone is broken so I can hear you but you can't hear me. Text me if you need me.) It was Jess asking if I could keep Emma tonight. YAY! I picked her up from school today and already have her in bed. So I will not be posting pictures tonight (or cleaning my disgusting house.) Supper Club is at my house Thursday night so I have to figure out some time to clean! Maybe it's a good time to call a maid!


1 comment:

  1. Yep, call a maid! Can't wait to see pics. I know you had so much fun with sweet Emma!


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