Friday, January 21, 2011

Book Club

I went to Book Club for the first time last night even though I didn't finish the book. I tried! I really did! But Catch 22 was quite possibly the most boring book I have ever read! SNORE! So I got to page 55 and decided that life is too short to read one more sentence of this book! I went to Book Club thinking that I would be the only loser who couldn't finish. However, out of the 8 ladies who were there, only one of them finished! I felt so much better!

The host for last night's event is a local photographer. Of all the nights to forget my camera!! We had the party at her studio and it was divine! There was a swing in the living room and antique furniture everywhere. So artistic. Which brings me to my next point... most of the ladies were artistic. One lady plays the violin in the Alabama Symphony, another lady is an artist, there was a lady getting her doctorate in nutrition, a photographer and a lady who designs toys. Yes like the movie Big! I felt so out of place as a boring accountant! But these ladies were a lot of fun and welcomed me with open arms. I look forward to our next get together. Next book - East of Eden. Hopefully I'll do better with this book!

When Anna invited me to Book Club she told me that two of the ladies have been struggling to get pregnant. I was really looking forward to meeting them so I would have someone who relates to my pain. BUT - both girls recently found out they're pregnant so there was lots of squealing and hugging at the party. I hate to admit that I was a bit disappointed. It would have been nice to have someone to share infertility issues with. On the bright side, hopefully I'll be able to announce my own pregnancy one day with hugging and squealing!

Fertility Note - My incisions are still "leaking" so I went to the doctor today to have them checked. She said they're fine and to keep them clean and covered and they should heal soon. I've been moving around too much since I've been working 10 hours/day. So I'm planning to lay around this weekend and let these suckers heal!



  1. Hope you are enjoying laying around this weekend and healing up!

    BTW I cannot believe you didnt like Catch 22! I love that book. I also LOVED East of Eden so I dont know if that means you will love it or hate it :)

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