Thursday, January 27, 2011


I decided I would let myself have a piece of chocolate today. Just one piece... fast forward 30 minutes later and I was bug eyed and geeked out on a pound of chocolate covered almonds! Maybe it wasn't a pound but it was way more than one piece. Oh well... I'll try again tomorrow.

John called me at work today to ask if we could have a dinner party Saturday night for some of his soccer guys and their wives. That was fine with me... I'd have all day Saturday to clean the house. BUT they decided to do it tomorrow night. EEEK! I had to rush to the store after work to buy some food and then clean like a crazy woman all night. I'll be preparing shrimp and grits again, because it was pretty easy and tasty, with green beans and a ceasar salad. And John is grilling some chicken kabobs for appetizers. Yummy!

And finally - We would like to wish John's Dad a very

We love and miss you!


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