Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have two new projects starting this week that both include detoxifying. First, John and I have decided to do a physical detox or cleanse for three days starting tomorrow. It's my own variation of a detox diet I found on an alternative medicine website. We can only eat fruits, veggies, nuts and black beans for three days. It doesn't seem like it would be too hard but I did this two years ago and it was REALLY hard for me. I'm used to drinking a coke every day and having some chocolate when I want it. None of that! John says he's doing it for a week but we'll see if he can make it that long. My variation on the diet includes one slice of whole wheat bread per day because I don't like cutting bread completely out of the diet... even if it is only for three days.

I mentioned that the last time I did this cleanse was over two years ago. It was July of 2008 and I remember it vividly. I had suffered my first miscarriage in April and had a D&C. The doctor didn't retrieve all of the placenta so for three months I had been bleeding and my hcg numbers were coming down way too slowly. He was threatening another surgery to go in and remove the rest of the tissue since my body wouldn't finish the miscarriage on its own. I decided to do this cleanse and see how my body reacted. Two days into the cleanse I passed the remaining tissue and a week later my numbers were back down to zero. I can't say with 100% certainty that my body finally got in gear because of the cleanse but I know it definitely didn't hurt. I can't think of a better way to kick off this final year of trying for a baby.

The second detox is of a spiritual nature. I've decided to try to cleanse my soul by accepting our church's "New Testament Challenge". Today this really spoke to me. I've been picking up my bible and putting it down lately because I just don't know what to read. Should I just start with page 1? I didn't know so I would put it off until I could research the best place to start... Well now the church has provided daily scripture readings that are in chronological order. They're about 15 min/day for 92 days. I'm so excited! I'll post the scriptures for the week every Sunday so feel free to join me if your soul could use a little Spring cleaning too.

New Testament Challenge: First Week
Sun 1/23 - Luke 1, John 1:1-14
Mon 1/24 - Matthew 1, Luke 2:1-38
Tues 1/25 - Matthew 2, Luke 2:39-52
Wed 1/26 - Matthew 3, Mark 1, Luke 3
Thurs 1/27 - Matthew 4, Luke 4-5, John 1:15-51
Fri 1/28 - John 2-4
Sat 1/29 - Mark 2



  1. Yay I'm glad you're doing the Challenge with us. I'm excited!

  2. JZ I think I will join you on the scripture readings. Great idea to post these each week. I have the Bible loaded on my IPhone so I should have no excuse not to read them during lunch.

    Now as far as the detox diet - that would be a no for me right now HA!!


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