Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meet the Over-reactor

You thought it was going to be a picture of me didn’t you? Oh contraire! The Hubs is definitely the over-reactor in our household. Let me set the scene: I’m upstairs doing laundry when out of nowhere I hear a screaming string of swear words. I run downstairs anticipating something horrible... surely only a severed limb would warrant that type of profanity and screaming. I prepare myself for the gruesomeness I’m about to see as I round the corner and there he is; standing in front of the TV with the remote in his hand. I look around to see what could have happened when another scream comes from his mouth and the remote is thrown to the couch. “What is wrong?” I ask and his reply is, “The %*%&$ TV won’t turn on! That’s the problem!!” Really? Really? I almost tumbled down the stairs trying to get down here to call 911 because you can’t turn on the TV? Really?

Another example: He received a phone call and this was his side of the conversation in a low, somber voice... “Hello? What? Oh no. Really? Jesus Christ... how could this happen? (long pause with a deep breath) I don’t know; I’ll have to call you back.” A million different things raced through my brain... is someone hurt, is someone sick, is someone (gulp) dead? I waited for him to hang up and then gave him a hug. I gingerly asked what happened and he started yelling about a nail in my tire! Seriously?? I thought something catastrophic had happened but it was about my tire??

While he overreacts about dumb things, he under-reacts about big things. Case in point – When we found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t look so I made him go in the bathroom and tell me what the stick said. He didn’t jump up and down or do a dance. He just said “Pregnant.” It was so underwhelming that I thought I didn’t hear him correctly and made him say it again. Where is all of the intensity and passion that I hear when he stubs his toe or gets caught in some traffic? He’s a crazy man but I love him to pieces... even when he is firing a slew of profanities at the poor, unsuspecting TV.



  1. This post made me laugh hysterically. I guess we all have our quirks :)

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