Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Scotts

John invited two of his friends, Scott and Scott, and their wives over for dinner last night. I am so happy that I get along so well with these wives. Until recently, John and I have lived separate friend lives. I have my friends and he has his; the two rarely intermingled. However, I have recently become friends with Anna who is the wife of Scott F. She's the one who invited me to Book Club... (I'm loving East of Eden by the way)! They are fellow DINKs (Duel Income No Kids) which means they're free at the last minute to hang out or take a weekend trip. Also like us - they're trying to have a baby. She has a heart condition which requires a pacemaker so it's quite risky for her to carry a baby. It requires a lot of planning by her cardiologist and high risk OB. We had a great time so I'm glad John decided to have a last minute dinner party!

The group after dinner. Anna made chocolate molten lava cake! Yum!

Me and Anna!

Look closely at this picture.... what do you see? Yes - they are wearing their shoes AND Scott B has his foot on the coffee table! John conceded to wearing shoes but I thought he might lose it when there was a shoe on the coffee table. He did well though... I guess the wine didn't hurt. I kept looking at him to see if he was freaking out but he was fine. Way to roll with it John!


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