Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This wasn’t my first trip to a chiropractor. Actually I’ve been many, many times to 4 different doctors. It’s crazy that they’re all chiropractors but all very different. I did like this new lady. She took a lot of time with me to try to tailor something special to my issues. However, while I was waiting for her, I noticed that her regulars were filing in and out at the rate of about every two minutes! So when I become a regular I’ll be paying $35/visit for 2 minutes? My accountant brain can’t fathom that! Also, they only take appointments 9-5 which means I need to leave work 40 minutes early to get there because they are all the way on the other side of 280! I want to give her a shot but I won’t be able to go see her more than once/week tops. We’ll see how she reacts to that. My Tuscaloosa chiropractor spent a good hour and a half on me every time I went. I would get massaged, electrodes and adjusted every visit. It’s hard to go from that to two minutes. But she has a high success rate for aiding in pregnancies and all of her regulars who walked out of there had HUGE smiles on their faces. So they must not feel ripped off.

I cracked her up once. I had to fill out a questionnaire and one of the questions asked me to rate my health and vitality on a scale from 1 to 10. I said I was a 9. So when she started going over all of my issues she flipped back to that page and said “You do realize that you ranked yourself a 9!” I said, “Yeah! All of my doctor’s say I’m the healthiest sick person they know. I rarely get sick and I feel pretty darn healthy most of the time!” She laughed and said that I’m definitely not a 9 but she likes my spirit!



  1. I love your spirit! Your comment cracked me up too!

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