Monday, February 28, 2011

Four Dresses

Last week I mentioned my four new dresses. I love them so much I decided you should see them!

Dress #1 - I already wore this one to work with a black cardigan and tall boots.

Dress #2 - I love that this dress had pockets!

Dress #3 - This one has pockets too and is loose fitting. It will be so comfy on a hot summer day!

Dress #4 - This one is my favorite! I'm channeling my style icon (Charlotte York from Sex and the City) in this pink number with a white cardigan and pearls! Sweet and innocent just like me... right?!

New Testament Challenge
Mon, February 28 - Mark 13
Tues, March 1 - Matthew 24
Wed, March 2 - Matthew 25
Thurs, March 3 - Matthew 26; Mark 14
Fri, March 4 - Luke 22; John 13
Sat, March 5 - John 14-17
Sun, March 6 -Matthew 27; Mark 15

P.S. - I added a search bar to the blog. This came about because I wanted to make the lasagna I posted the recipe for months ago but I didn't write it down. So I had to search through my posts trying to find it. So - now you can search for all posts that relate to recipes... or fertility... or injections... or whatever.


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  1. Love them! A lady can never have enough dresses :)


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