Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! You guys have been blowing up my blog today! I've had over 150 hits just today! Without further ado here are my results.

I started off the day right with a sweet kiss from my hubby and then only one stick at the doctor's office. I had no cysts and my levels were better than they have been with any injectable cycle. For those of you who know about these things...

FSH = 7.8 (The lower the better and mine is usually around 9-13)
E2 - 48.1 (They want this under 75 so all is good!)

I start injections tonight!! Woop! Woop!

John got me these beautiful tulips and is making his famous spaghetti sauce. I made him his favorite last night (pizza) and I'm making dessert tonight. Also we went out to eat Saturday night. This Valentine's Day has been a three day extravaganza!

The below is a picture of me at dinner Saturday night. I was giving the hubs a dirty look because he wouldn't put down his phone. Since he got his new toy I can't get him to leave it alone for a minute! I realized he was about to snap a photo so I quickly turned it into a smile.


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