Friday, February 18, 2011

Why oh Why

I went to the doctor this morning and my LEFT side is ready to go. I'm only Day 8! I wasn't supposed to come in until Day 10 but I know my left ovary and I figured it would overachieve. If my left ovary would slow down then my right one would ovulate at the appropriate time... Day 14. I had two follicles over there at the appropriate size for Day 8 but my left ovary thought it was day 13! SO - it looks like this month will be a bust. BOOO. I suppose there is still that 1% chance that the egg will mosey on over to the right tube but I'm not holding my breath.

Next month I'll use Lupron to suppress my ovaries for a couple of weeks before my cycle. Then, hopefully, my ovaries will progress at the same rate.


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