Wednesday, March 30, 2011


That is the only word that can describe my feelings toward Coca-Cola. I was assured by many trusted friends that after a few days I wouldn't crave it anymore and after a few weeks I wouldn't even think about it. Oh I beg to disagree! Every time I see a commercial with those enticing bubbles my heart speeds up a little. When a coworker pops open a can during a meeting, my hands get clammy and I zero in on that beautiful red can. I think about it approximately 4,282 times per day. It's ridiculous! I still have 3 1/2 weeks left! I did cheat twice while I was in Canada... On the way up there and the way back. Both times it was because I was feeling sick but it's still cheating. I refuse to cheat again though.

As expected, the fried food has been much easier. It was only difficult when I went to dinner Friday and Saturday night with the girls. They ordered appetizers that were fried so I couldn't eat them even though they looked SO tasty.

Think about me the next time you have a soda (especially coke) and some french fries!


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