Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fun Weekend

We have had a busy, fun weekend! I met the girl's at Cheesecake Factory Friday night and John went out with some of his guys. Yesterday we spent a good bit of the day at the ball field. The tournament was called at about 7:30 pm due to a tornado warning. Tristan's team was in 1st place at that time so we'll just say they won it! Yay! Here's a picture of her at bat.

Then I met the Supper Club girls at 26 for Stacey's birthday dinner. It was so good!! I haven't eaten out two nights in a row in FOREVER! I'm surprised John wasn't mad at me. I think he was just happy to get alone time to play his video game...

Today John gave our nine year old neighbor a little soccer lesson while the dogs played on this gorgeous day. It looks like Lexi has finally accepted Carly.


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  1. I am so JEALOUS that Angela got to see you and I didn't!! I hope that you're doing well! I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like I talk to you everyday. But it would be nice to see you in real life again one of these days! <3, Amanda


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