Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Wedding Day

Congratulations to my baby brother and his new bride!!
It was a lovely day and the wedding went very well. I missed the rehearsal dinner last night since I was on a plane flying home from Canada. Imagine my surprise when I was told that they needed me to direct the wedding! Excuse me?!? I didn't know the music, where they were supposed to stand or even who half of the people were! I somehow pulled it together enough to help my mom get out all of the food, direct the procession, cut the grooms cake and poor champagne! Now that I'm home I can say that I am flat worn out (that's Alabama lingo for really tired!) I didn't get in the bed until 1am last night and was up at the crack dawn of this morning!

I have been told by many of you that you couldn't tell what my new dresses looked like from the hanger so... here's a picture of me in one of my new dresses.

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