Saturday, March 12, 2011


It took us 14 long hours to get here but we made it. We left our house at 4:15 am and pulled into John's parents' driveway at 6:15 pm! First, our flight was delayed in Birmingham. We were supposed to take off at 6 am but didn't end up leaving until 8:30. That meant we missed our connecting flight in Detroit where we arrived at 11am. They had several flights heading to Buffalo between 12 pm and 7 pm and of course they booked us on the 7 pm flight. John was not having that so he somehow got us switched to the 12:15 flight. Go John! However, that one was delayed too and didn't leave until 1:30. We finally arrived in Buffalo at 2:45 and it takes about two hours to drive to his parents' house. But no!!! We hit downtown Toronto right at 4:30 - rush hour. So we were stuck in traffic for another hour and a half. We were spent by the time we finally got here!

Good thing Mom Z was ready with some homemade pizza and chocolate chip cookies!!


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