Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sticky lil Bean

Today's the day! John is headed to the doctor's office right now and I go in at 9:30. I am a little bummed that he has a meeting at 10:00 so he won't be able to stay for the procedure. Looks like I'm flying solo. Dr. H is very personable though and always hugs me and tells me she loves me. She's great.

I hope you'll pray with me that everything goes well today and that the little Eggie fertilizes! Then we'll pray that it's a sticky lil bean that snuggles in and hangs out for 9 months!

I had to take a higher dosage of hcg for the trigger this time so I won't be able to test until 5/12. That seems so far away! I can't even sneak a home test because it may give me a false positive. Wouldn't that be terrible? Even more terrible than waiting 15 days!


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