Thursday, April 28, 2011


Home to the University of Alabama, home to most of my family, my home... has been devastated by deadly tornadoes. Thankfully ALL of my family is safe, uninjured and happy to be spared by this vicious storm. My Nana's house did have two very large oak trees fall but, luckily, she has been living with my Aunt Pam for quite some time so she wasn't there. I can't believe all of the pictures and stories coming from my hometown. Please say a prayer for all those who lost loved ones and everything they owned. Here are a couple of pictures...

A picture of people walking to find shelter. Most homes that were left standing don't have power or water. The water treatment facility was damaged so there's a shortage.

This is a before and after shot. At the top you can see a McDonalds on the left and a Taco Casa on the right. On the bottom you can see that 15th Street was pretty much leveled. All that's left is rubble for many businesses and home in this area.

This is a picture of a neighborhood that was destroyed.

This is a shot of tornado making it's way through the state. They said it was a mile wide!

Our area didn't have much damage. We were straddled by two tornadoes; one above us and one below us. I am so thankful that we weren't in the path.


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  1. So thankful your family is all okay! It's truly devastating. I am so heart broken for these people. I love you and again so glad your family is safe.


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