Sunday, May 15, 2011


We just got back from Jacksonville. Driving 16 hours in 48 hours is tough! We didn't get to do anything other than softball while we were there. We didn't even see the beach! We got down there Friday night at about 10 pm and we were at the ball field Saturday morning by 9am. We were there for a few hours when it started raining. It rained so hard they canceled the tournament for the rest of the day. So we went back today and ended up losing in the championship game. It was such a heart breaker because they played so well! Tristan made several GREAT plays and had some great hits too. Of course, every time I whipped out my camera nothing would happen. I did get a video of this one great throw down to first base. If the first baseman would have caught it (I'm sure she didn't because I was jinxing her with my camera) it would have have been a wonderful out.

Next weekend is Nashville but I think I'll let John take that trip alone. This weekend wore me out! Hopefully he'll just drive up Saturday morning so we'll be able to have dinner Friday night for his birthday!


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  1. i love you and miss you. wish you were coming down to the beach with us next weekend. hope things will get better soon.


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