Friday, May 20, 2011

A New Day

Something clicked yesterday. I checked my email and noticed I had a comment on my post (thanks for all of the thoughts and prayers yesterday) so I decided to re-read my post. I was so upset while I was writing it that I decided I better give it a look to make sure it made sense. While I was reading it I made the decision that I'm done wallowing in self pity about this. I have mourned and it's time to move on. Once I made that decision I read the comment from my dear reader who recently adopted and the comment from my friend who received her lovely daughter through adoption. I know that once I have that baby in my life it won't matter that he/she doesn't have our genetics. I will love that child with everything I have no matter what.

Then I had another moment. I realized now that we've let go of this dream we can start building our new dream. And apparently there are some options out there that could put a baby in our house in only a few months! It is so weird to go from infertility (the endless unknowing) to this new dream where we have a REAL time-line. It may take as long as two years or as short as a few months but no matter what... we will have a child. Amazing.

Today is the love of my life's birthday! Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! I didn't think it was possible to love someone as I much I love him. Just a look from him can make me melt.



  1. Oh girl this post brings a smile to my face. I love how you say it is time to build a new dream. It really hit me when we went to Gladney orientation and they said we know you have been told so many times you may not have a baby and now we are telling you it is not if it is when you will be parents!!! There was not a dry eye in the group of couples there. Once you start the motion rolling you will see there is a concrete time line. There will be bumps but yes there is a concrete goal at the end. Glad you are feeling better with some new found clarity!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather here in AL!!

  2. Hi J --
    I too can't remember how I came to your blog, but I've been following your journey for the past year and a half and praying for you all along the way. I know God hears your cries and I know he will answer your heart's desire in some way. Thank you for opening yourself up to all of your followers, myself included, and showing us how God continues to work in those mysterious ways. I look forward to seeing what wonders he works for you the rest of this year!

  3. Speaking from WILL get your baby. And trust me, you will love that child as much as you could love your own. It's an amazing feeling that i KNOW you will experience. One day you will look back and thank God for all the heartache. I like to think we are chosen to go through all of this because we are strong enough to handle it. Prayers for you girl!!!!!


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