Monday, May 30, 2011

One more day please!

I'm not ready for this weekend to end! 3 days just wasn't enough!

Friday night we met my brother and his wife to see Hangover 2. So funny! That was part of John's birthday present since it didn't come out until Thursday. Saturday John had his soccer tournament but they lost. Poor fellas.

Saturday night I went with Heather and Stacey to see Zac Brown Band. It was such a good show and so much fun!

Sunday we may have gone a little crazy with the shopping. I got a Coach purse, a dress, several tops and some new sandals. John got some stuff too but I was much more concerned with my finds. Finally today we went over to a soccer buddy of John's house.
They ended up playing woofle ball because these guys have to make everything a competition. Check out that form!

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