Saturday, May 7, 2011

Our anniversary

We went out to eat last night in celebration of our anniversary. We went to La Dulce Vita and it was DELISH! The hubs got the lasagna and I got the special which was salmon stuffed with pancetta, spinach and mascarpone on a bed of risotto and asparagus. Jeez Louise! It was so good!

Fertility News: I don't really feel differently as far as a pregnancy. Some women say they know the second it happens. If this cycle did work then the little bambino should have implanted sometime in the past three days. The progesterone I take twice/day makes me bloated, gives me headaches and makes me feel overall yucky. Only a few more days until I can find out if it worked! May 12th which, coincidentally, is the 2 year anniversary of my blog. At least if this cycle didn't work... the consolation price is that I get to stop the progesterone!

We have a busy couple of months ahead of us. We have a trip to Jacksonville, Florida and Nashville back to back weekends for softball. We also booked our flight to Canada at the end of June! So exciting!


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