Thursday, June 30, 2011


I went to my final suppression check yesterday. Since we already had the meds for this cycle we're going to see it through. I'm definitely not into it though. When she told me everything looked good I guess my reaction was a little underwhelming for her. So I told her that this is our final cycle, just to get some closure, and we're moving on to adoption. She was thrilled for us and didn't try to talk me out of it like I thought she would... I mean.... they make money if I keep coming. Anyway, she told me they needed blood. I had already decided in mind that I would let them take blood for the suppression check appt and once I had mature follicles. That's just two more times until all of this is over. So I sit in the chair and show her my vein. I slap on my arm a little to get it to raise (remember that my only good vein is on my forearm). By the time I finish getting my vein ready for the stick it's nice and plump. You could see it across the room. I did warn the lady that it's my only vein and it rolls. Of course she came in way too cocky and missed it! She dug FOREVER and I was about to tell her to stop because it was hurting so badly. That's when she muttered the words that sent fire through my entire body, "This isn't going to work, your vein blew." As if this was my vein's fault. She couldn't admit her incompetence and that she stuck the needle in one side of the vein and out the other so my arm is now swollen, squishy and blue from the blood that is leaking. NO! She blames my vein. Like my vein laughed in her face and blew just to spite her. My blood started boiling... even the blood leaking into my arm! I told her, "That's it! We're done here!" She just glared at me to see if I was kidding but I was not. I started to get up and she protested that she would have to stick me again. I told her that they didn't need the blood that badly and I'm leaving. There is no telling what these women think of me! I didn't care though. She called the nurse and she said that it was ok for me to leave. It didn't matter what that nurse said though... I was not letting them stick me again. So now my arm is still throbbing (I think maybe she tweaked the muscle or something) but I only have one more blood draw and all of this will be over! Phew! Here's to small victories!



  1. Go JZ!!! I'm so glad you just stood up and left! I get so angry for you every time I hear about a nurse that does something like this! If it even make me mad, I can't begin to imagine how you must feel!


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