Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Beach Trip

The hubs and I are planning a beach trip and we would love for some friends to join us! We're thinking Destin for 5 days in September. We were going to do Jamaica and would still be up for that if we can find a couple to go with us.

A funny story for you:
When we were keeping the neighbor's puppy the hubs would take her out for a walk in the morning. One of those morning, while he was walking her, he butt dialed one of his buddies. When the guy answered the phone all he could hear was John saying "go tee-tee poo-poo! go tee-tee poo-poo!" in a high pitched, girly voice. It was so funny to see him, Mr. Cool, urging this fluffy, white puppy to go tee-tee poo-poo! The funniest part is that his friend was actually in the bathroom when John called. So he called John back to tell him that he appreciated the encouragement but he can handle his business! haha.


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